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David and Julie Rowbory with their daughters Rebekah, Elizabeth, Abigail and Helen are based in Jos, northern Nigeria, with Wycliffe Bible Translators UK. David is a translation consultant - focussed on training and quality control for several Bible translation teams.

Can you support us as we try to support others?

With wonderful support from church, friends and family we got through 2 years or so of training in Nairobi. In February 2011, after a year or so in the UK, we had raised enough financial support to take up our assignment in Jos, northern Nigeria to put all the training into practice.

Late in 2012 we returned to the UK for the birth of Abigail, and to catch up with supporters and explain a bit about the work we've been involved with, then resumed our work and life in Jos in August 2013.

After nearly 2 years in Jos, we returned to Glasgow for the birth of Helen in June 2015 and are gearing up to return as soon as possible in 2016.

2015 summary video

Rowborys in Nigeria from benandren on Vimeo.

How are we doing now in terms of support?

In short: We always need people to pray for us, we often have little practical things we could do with help with, and having had a shortfall in 2015, financial support is now sufficient for us to return to Nigeria.

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How could you support us?

1. Pledge to pray for us

2. Pledge financial support

3. Other things

Getting in touch

Email us both at or Email individually: or (Note that our old addresses have been transformed into slightly different ones as of early 2015.)

When we're in Nigeria call or text Julie on +2347066356819 or David on +2348151794919 (new numbers since mid 2013) or search for us on Skype (rowbory or julierowbory).

Whenever we're in the UK you can call us on 07754860823 (Julie, new number from 2015) or 07707726988 (David).